The Duties And Responsibilities Of A School Security Officer

School Security Officer

There is a growing need for ensuring the school to be a safe haven for kids as well as the teachers. By making use of the school security officers, the school and other educational institutions can be turned into a safe and secure place for children to learn. The main duty of the school security officer is to see that discipline and order is maintained in the schools. The school should not turn into a center where crimes, gang activities or violence is very common. This will spoil the reputation of the school and also will instill fear and fright in kids. The school students can also be easily converted into criminals. Hence, it is recommended that all schools in Virginia make use of the school security officers to prevent any crisis and criminal activities from developing in the school.

Duties and Responsibilities

The school security officer is appointed by the local school district administration. The main purpose of making use of the services of these officers is to prevent crime, maintain order and discipline, take action against anyone who breaks the policies and rules of the school and detain students who violate the school property or cause problems in school related events. They will make sure that the rules and regulations are in place and are followed by the school. The school safety officer is the main person who is responsible for making sure of the safety and security of the students and the teachers of the assigned school. They will need to keep an eye on any miscreants and prevent any untoward law and order or criminal situations from developing in the school.

Skills that school safety officer must have

  •    The officer must be efficient and resourceful enough to deal with any unlawful activities in the school in an efficient and quick manner before it escalates.
  •    They must be ready to build a good relationship with the students and to guide them on the right path.
  •    They should be fully aware of the rules and regulations and the policies of the school and should have the ability to analyze and investigate any pieces of evidence that they get.
  •    The officers should have the undergone the necessary training in preparing and preventing any crisis that develops in the schools and college campuses.
  •    They should have attended the necessary training program that is prepared in keeping in mind the previous worst records of the school, the current problems and the solutions to it and also the possible reactions that they could face from the students, teachers, and the communities.

The person should be a citizen of the United States and must be over 18 years of age in order to be eligible to become a school security officer. He should be a high school graduate and must have a clean record in school and college.