This blog is about school safety in Virginia, but the concerns regarding the safety of school children remain the same everywhere. Safety in school span different parameters such as the premises and how they are structured, the way play time is supervised as well as safety in classrooms and indoor premises of schools.

Safety for school children also goes beyond the aspect of physical safety; the awareness of bullying practices that often exist in schools and how to prevent the same from harming children physically as well as emotionally need to be guarded against zealously by parents and teachers. The kind of environment that schools create goes much towards ensuring safety and security for the children within school premises. The attentiveness of the teachers and supervisory staff goes a long way to preventing such behavior from being exhibited in the school. Indeed, safety in school should go beyond merely providing the right secure and safe premises to ensuring that the environment within a school facilitates creativity and learning without the fear of being chastised or being put down by peers or by teachers.  At the same time, the importance of discipline and how this can affect the learning environment in a school needs to be inculcated.

The above topics are discussed here through related blog articles on this forum. We welcome different views and perspectives on this subject matter from our readers. They are welcome to share their thoughts and help to make a difference to the educational community in Virginia.